T-Mobile Not Waiting For iPhone 5, Going To It Instead

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T-Mobile are sick and tired of waiting around for Apple to give them permission to start selling the iPhone and they have now decided to take matters into their own two hands apparently.

T-Mobile to attract iPhone 5 buyers with new campaign and unlimited data plans

TmoNews said that the carrier was launching a new campaign to encourage those buying an iPhone to get an unlocked device and then use it on the T-Mobile network. Given that the iPhone 5 is expected to be right around the corner, this is definitely the reason why.

T-Mobile wants users to experience their HSPA+ network as they are the only carrier within the US at the moment that does not have the Apple iPhone in their line-up. What’s worst is that they have had to endure watching the likes of prepaid carrier of mobiles such as Virgin and Cricket get the iPhone within the last few months.

Users of the iPhone who move onto T-Mobile with their unlocked iPhones may be on to a good thing as T-Mobile have recently revealed their truly unlimited data plans. At the moment they are the only carrier to give unlimited data that is cheaper than Sprint as well.

We don’t expect T-Mobile to get the iPhone 5 if the LTE rumors are true, so this is likely the best they can do at this time.

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