A T-Mobile iPhone 5: Why It Beats Sprint’s Version

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CNET has been taking a look at which of the two US carriers, Sprint or T-Mobile, has the best deal when it comes to unlimited data plans. This will come in as a very big deal come next month when the iPhone 5 is expected to launch and rumors of T-Mobile coming on board continuing to grow.

Sprint vs T-Mobile iPhone 5

T-Mobile have just announced that they will be offering a truly unlimited data plan which means that Sprint are not the only ones to offer unlimited data plans. This move is competitive from T-Mobile in their struggle to battle with some of the larger carriers in the US including Verizon and AT&T. Both of these carriers have done away with their unlimited data plans and now have data plans with limits and restrictions. Sprint on the other hand has been the only carrier to offer unlimited data and they have used this fact to make themselves stand out. In fact, this is expected to be their “weapon” against AT&T and Verizon when the iPhone 5 launches.

When it comes to pricing T-Mobile offer a range of different combinations on their Classic plans along with their Value plans, consumers who want unlimited can get unlimited data, voice minutes and texts by paying $89 per month. If phone calls are not a necessity then you can get a plan with 500 minutes for $79.99. Value customers are able to get a full unlimited plan for $74.99 or a plan with 500 minutes at $64.99.

Sprint offers a plan which comes with 450 minutes and unlimited data and texts for $74.99. if you want 900 minutes you can pay $99.99 and an unlimited plan comes to $109.99.

The winner in pricing has to be T-Mobile.

For 4G cover T-Mobile say that they have the largest network and the network speeds are very impressive. They cover around 230 markets and 220 million customers with 4G which uses the HSPA+ technology. They plan on offering their 4G LTE network later next year.

Sprint have 4G called WiMax, the downside is that newer handsets don’t work on it, including the rumored iPhone 5. They have 71 markets and around 130 million consumers. Sprint is ahead with their LTE but at the moment they cover just 16 markets and most of the newer handsets only work on LTE or their 3G technology.

The winner again has to be T-Mobile

With rumors of a T-Mobile iPhone 5 seeing no end, if it does come to fruition then it may have a leg up over the Sprint iPhone 5.


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