Forget iPhone 5, T-Mobile Screws Up With Galaxy S3 Already

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If you thought that the Share Everything plan was confusing, what about the plans that have been launched by T-Mobile, who held back in setting a price for the Galaxy S3? If you want the S3 on contract then T-Mobile may just be the most confusing, along with being the dearest option.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 ridiculous pricing

Most carriers offer the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 for $199 on contract. Even some of the smaller US carriers put the phone online for the same price. On T-Mobile however you can expect to pay $279 for the 16GB, and this is following the deduction of a $50 mail in rebate. In actual fact, you would have to pay out $329 before you mailed in your rebate. What’s more astonishing is the fact that while the three other carriers offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 on their LTE network, T-Mobile do not. So what is the incentive to take out a contract for the S3 with them when you can get the same phone cheaper and with LTE?

One would have thought that T-Mobile would have offered the Samsung Galaxy S3 for less than their competitors given the fact that there is no support for LTE. Given that rumors have it that the new iPhone 5 will support LTE and T-Mobile has been speculated to join the other carriers with offering the Apple device, we’re not going to have high hopes when it comes to competitive pricing by the pink carrier.

What they were thinking when they set their price so high without LTE support is anyone’s guess.

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