Galaxy S3 A Fine Example Of How T-Mobile May Let iPhone 5 Fans Down (Prediction)

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Many people were shocked when T-Mobile finally released the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 after all the other major carriers. If you wanted the much sought after handset you had to pay out a high price for it with T-Mobile. Along with this they had some of the most complicated price plans to work out.

Prediction: T-Mobile iPhone 5 could follow bold pricing style of Samsung Galaxy S3

The majority of carriers put the Samsung Galaxy S3 on for $199 with a 2-year plan. However T-Mobile stuck their neck out and they set the price for the 16GB handset at $279, which came with a mail in rebate putting the device at $329. T-Mobile of course do not have LTE which was even more astounding and why would anyone purchase a handset with them for a lot more than they could get everywhere else and not have LTE speeds (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all have LTE).

If rumors prove to be true then the iPhone 5 may have support for LTE and we can’t wait to see if T-Mobile gets the iPhone 5; and if so what price they will put on the device. It is likely that they will want to get as much for the device as possible, but will they go as far as they did with the Samsung Galaxy S3 given that it too is one of those devices that has a legion of fans who are willing to part with top dollar for one?

It is rumored that the iPhone 5 will be revealed on 12th September and it is thought that pre-orders will be taken on the same day.

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