Samsung Galaxy S3 Shows How T-Mobile Will Screw iPhone 5 Up (Prediction)

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T-Mobile shocked many people with its price point for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Anyone wanting the S3 on contract had to shell out for the highest price of all major US carriers. To add to this, the company’s price plans were puzzling.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 overpriced, with T-Mobile iPhone 5 follow?

Most carriers are offering the phone for $199, but T-Mobile’s price for the 16GB version is $279 – after a $50 rebate, so the actual price is $329. Amazingly, T-Mobile aren’t offering LTE like the other networks, so why would anyone even think of paying over the odds for a Samsung Galaxy S3 that can’t even get LTE?

Apparently, the iPhone 5 may well have LTE support, so it’ll be interesting to see if T-Mobile will ask a high price for the new iPhone 5 as well. No one knows why T-Mobile pulled this strange stunt and hiked the price of 2012’s best seller. If T-Mobile does carry the iPhone 5, it’ll at least match the sales of the S3, so it’s likely that Big Pink will want to get top dollar for this amazing new phenomenon as well; and they would have figured out by now just how lusted after the iPhone is.

It’s thought that the iPhone 5 will launch on September 12, and will accept pre-orders on the same day, with shipping by the end of September for the US. The global release is expected to be in early October. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this is the year T-Mobile finally jumps on the iPhone bandwagon.

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