T-Mobile Fudges Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 To Suffer Same Fate?

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T-Mobile had shocked may folks when they decided upon their price point for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Those wanting the S3 on contract with the carrier had to pay the highest price of all the major carriers in the US. Not only that, their plans were considered quite confusing as well.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 gets ridiculous price tag, what’s going to happen with iPhone 5?

The majority of the carriers set the price at $199, however T-Mobile’s 16 GB versions is $279 and this was after a $50 mail in rebate. In actual fact it is $329. What’s even more disturbing is that T-Mobile does not offer LTE, whereas the other major carriers do. You therefore have to ask yourself why anyone would take out the Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract with T-Mobile when they could get it cheaper with any of the other major carriers and have some LTE speeds.

As there are rumors going around that the iPhone 5 will have LTE support you have to wonder whether they will make the same mistake and set the price of the new iPhone 5 as high as they have the Galaxy S3. It isn’t clear why T-Mobile decided to break character and jack up the price of the most popular handset of 2012 so far. If a T-Mobile iPhone 5 does launch this year, then you can expect it to easily match (if not beat) the sales the Samsung Galaxy S3 has generated for T-Mobile so far. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the pink carrier has plans to pull such a stunt again with the next big thing.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to launch on September 12, with pre-orders on same day and shipping by the end of the month for US orders. Global release is speculated for early October.

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