T-Mobile Messes Up With Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 Next?

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If you were confused by the Share Everything plan, then you must be agog at the plans launched by T-Mobile, which delayed setting a price for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you’re after a contract S3 then T-Mobile is not only the most confusing, but also the most expensive.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 ridiculous pricing

Most networks offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract for $199, with even some of the smaller US networks offering this price online. On T-Mobile you’ll pay $279 for the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3, even after the $50 mail-in rebate, so the real price you’ll pay is $329. Even more amazing is the fact that three other carriers have the S3 on their LTE networks, but T-Mobile don’t. So why would anyone buy a contract Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile when you can get a cheaper and better option elsewhere?

It would have made more sense for T-Mobile to offer the S3 at a lower price, given that it has no LTE. The new iPhone 5 will probably have LTE, and as T-Mobile is believed to be offering the iPhone 5 according to the last rumors, there’s not much chance of competitive pricing by the Big Pink.

What was going through T-Mobile’s collective head when they set this price really is anyone’s guess. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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