T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Shifted For Good

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We now that T-Mobile will soon be getting the Apple iPhone 5 and it seems that it will be coming faster than what was first thought. This is surprising as generally there are delays associated with anything tech, especially when it comes to date changes.

T-Mobile said at first that the time frame would be around 6 to 9 months; however this has now been changed to 3 to 4 months. This means that the handset should be at stores in time for summer.

T-Mobile are making another change and this is in the form of stopping subsidies on their handsets.

There are 1.9 million people with T-Mobile who own an iPhone and the CEO is hoping that their plans will not have an effect on any sales. As the monthly payments will be cheaper it is hoped that the carrier will be able to draw in around 5% additional subscribers.

Anyone who gets the Apple iPhone 5 from T-Mobile will not have a two year contract to worry about. As Apple generally releases a new handset each year this is great news for those people who like to update every year. Another great fact about the Apple iPhone 5 is that the resale value is good.

Staff at T-Mobile has received an email telling them of a blackout set for the 18th March to the 14th April. In the past a blackout on other carriers has meant that there is a new version of the iPhone coming out. This gives us a good idea that the iPhone will be coming out during this time.

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