T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Between March 18 & April 14?

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People who are waiting for the T-Mobile Apple iPhone 5 shouldn’t have to wait for too much longer as the CEO said that it was coming quicker than was first thought.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date predictions

It appears that the handset could be in the T-Mobile store in the next 3 to 4 months, instead of the 6 to 9 months we thought it might take. If so this could mean that you can get the device in the spring.

At the same time as offering the device T-Mobile are stopping subsidies on their handsets. This means that if you want to get the Apple iPhone 5 you would have to pay out around $649 if you want the 16GB handset.

T-Mobile has already got more than 1.9 million users of the Apple iPhone 5 on their network and the CEO has confidence that their change of plans will not have any effect on sales of the handset. In fact they could bring in more customers as the monthly payments are lower. The CEO hopes that around 5% more subscribers will make their way to the network.

If you choose one of the new plans with T-Mobile you would not be locked into a two year contract. This is good news if you have to have the latest Apple handset as Apple release a new device each year and the resale value of the Apple iPhone is typically high.

Earlier last week, TMoNews reported that T-Mobile employees were informed of a blackout period between March 18 and April 14. As we all know, blackouts are usually associated with iPhone launches as seen with AT&T and Verizon. So if this employee holidays blackout period is true, then the T-Mobile iPhone 5 is likely to launch inside this period.

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