T-Mobile iPhone 5 Launch Now Just Hours Away [CNET]

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The T-Mobile Apple iPhone 5 is becoming a reality after the carrier revealed they would be getting the handset and offering new plans soon. It was back in January that the carrier confirmed that they would be offering the handset later in the year. The rumour is that the T-Mobile Apple iPhone 5 will have LTE and will be the headline at the Uncarrier event.

The rumours come from CNET and they claim that Apple will announce the Apple iPhone 5 at T-Mobile in New York. The release date for the device has been said to be March of April.

The T-Mobile version of the iPhone has been said to “play a prominent role” in the event and it will be seen alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Blackberry Z10 and other flagship LTE handsets at T-Mobile.

They recently pushed out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to work with their LTE. The T-Mobile version of the Blackberry Z10 is set for today, 26th March, this comes with 4G LTE straight out of the box.

There has also been rumours that say the T-Mobile 4G LTE will also be launched in Las Vegas and Kansas City as well as Denver, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.

T-Mobile have changed their plans and done away with annual contracts and the subsidies the devices typically come with. The carrier allows customers to pay a small upfront sum of money and pay off the device with monthly instalments. Customers can also choose to pay in full when taking out a plan. The phone can be paid off within a few months and customers are free to update to a new handset whenever they want, or even leave and move to a different carrier.

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