T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Well This Is A First

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If you’ve been waiting for the iPhone 5 to get to T-Mobile, your wait is almost over, as the release date has been brought forward. That’s right, a smartphone is actually releasing earlier than expected which is a first in the mobile industry as we’ve seen lately!

Usually smartphone release dates get pushed back, not forward, but this latest news means that Apple fans on T-Mobile will be getting the device by early summer rather than autumn.

However, T-Mobile is also scrapping its big handset subsidies at the same time. There is just under two million T-Mobile customers with iPhones, and Big Pink believes that these changes shouldn’t affect them too much. The company’s monthly plans will be cheaper, and it’s thought that this will attract another 5% of subscribers, according to the company CEO.

But, with the subsidies gone, people will have to pay full whack for the T-Mobile iPhone 5. On the upside, there’ll be no two-year tie-in, which is great for Apple devotees, who will be able to upgrade as soon as a new handset comes out. Apple phones retain their resale value, so customers will be able to use this money to pay towards an upgrade.

T-Mobile staff are currently under a vacation blackout that will last until 14 April suggests a leaked email uncovered by TMoNews, so the release of the T-Mobile iPhone 5 will most likely be inside of this period.

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