Good News For iPhone 5 Hungry T-Mobile Customers

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Very soon the apple iPhone will be available with T-Mobile and the device will be heading to the carrier quicker than what was first thought.  This is a big surprise of course as usually when changes are made to release dates it is to put them further in the distance.

At first it was thought that T-Mobile would get the Apple iPhone 5 in 6 to 9 months, however the CEO has changed this to 3 to 4 months. So if you want the device you should be able to get it in the summer.

T-Mobile will be making more changes; they are to do away with subsidised plans.

At the moment T-Mobile have around 1.9 million users of the Apple iPhone on their network; however the CEO said that making changes and taking away subsidised plans should not affect sales. This is due to the monthly repayments being lower, and it is thought that this will attract around 5% more subscribers.

However it will also mean that if you want the apple iPhone five with T-Mobile, it will cost you the full price .The good news is that you will not be stuck with a contract of two years. Apple of course generally fetch out a new iPhone each year.  Another bonus is that the Apple iPhone comes with a high resale value.

T-Mobile had sent an email out a warning of a blackout which will take place from 18th of March to 14th of April, We have seen blackouts with other carriers whenever a new iPhone is about to launch

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