T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Thank Your Lucky Stars!

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We already know that T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 5 soon, and that it’ll be along sooner than we imagined, which is always a pleasant surprise in the world of tech, as there’s usually delays. However, against all odds, T-Mobile has announced that it’ll be rocking the Apple flagship in just three to four months rather than the six to nine months we originally envisaged. So, it’s iPhone 5’s for summer.

T-Mobile is also stopping subsidies on its handsets. There are 1.9 million T-Mobile customers with iPhones, and the CEO has said that he hopes the subsidy plan won’t affect sales. Monthly payments will be much cheaper for T-Mobile customers, and the company hopes that this will bring in around 5% more subscribers.

So, anyone with an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile won’t be stuck on a two-year contract, which is good for Apple fans, who have the annual agony of a new handset that they have to wait months to upgrade to. The other benefit is that iPhones always have a good resale value, so what’s not to like?

T-Mobile staff has had an email telling them about a blackout that will last from 18 March to 14 April, and in the past blackout have meant a new iPhone on the way….looks good!

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