T-Mobile iPhone 5 Available By Summer But Only At $650+

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There is some good and bad news coming from T-Mobile this month for iPhone fans. First the good – T-Mobile had confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be coming to the network in the next 3 to 4 months, that is closer than the previously estimated 6-9 months time frame.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release ties in with subsidy

However while it is good to know that we could see the T-Mobile iPhone 5 before the summer, the T-Mobile CEO also added that it will happen around the same time that they end subsidies. What this essentially means is that the iPhone 5 won’t be $199 on contract like it is with other carriers. Instead expect to pay the full sticker tag.

The T-Mobile CEO however is optimistic that iPhone 5 fans won’t be put off by the $650 base price tag of a 16GB iPhone 5. Because they will be offering lower monthly bills in turn and such T-Mobile hopes it will in fact increase their market share.

So it looks like if you’re interested in getting a T-Mobile iPhone 5 you better save up. Additionally, the timing seems to tie in with T-Mobile’s LTE service launch which is also good news.

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