T-Mobile iPhone 5 Has Theatrical Price Until You Read The Details

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T-Mobile will soon be offering the Apple iPhone 5 to consumers and for those who have been waiting patiently it can’t come too soon.

T-Mobile would have always liked to offer the handset to their customers, however at the same time they were adamant that they would not give in to the demands of Apple. This is something that happened with Sprint and other carriers.

In the US one of the best-selling devices has been the Apple iPhone 5 and it is available with all carriers apart from T-Mobile. Some people thought that T-Mobile would never get the iPhone, even when Apple released the iPhone 6, thanks to the fact that they would not give in. Other carriers had to bow down to the demands of Apple and Sprint had to apply discounts, which meant that they would not see any profits until 2015.

T-Mobile has been offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 and they have relied on these to make money. Some wondered why T-Mobile just didn’t give in as they do have great plans and coverage.

However T-Mobile is to offer the Apple iPhone 5 to their customers in 3 to 4 months. The CEO of the carrier said that they would offer it without subsidies, which means that you cannot get it for $199 on contract.

You will have to pay $649 for the 16GB version of the Apple iPhone 5 with T-Mobile. However this means that the good news is that you are not stuck with a plan over two years.

Now there is still the matter of forking out $650 so before you faint, there is some good news. T-Mobile will be offering downpayments and interest-free installment options for the iPhone 5 so it isn’t as crazy as it sounds!

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