T-Mobile iPhone 5 Hits Stores By June, Will Break The Bank

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T-Mobile will get the iPhone 5 before the summer, according to word from the CEO of the pink carrier. T-Mobile will also be dropping its subsidies in the same time frame.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date tied with ending of subsidies

In December, T-Mobile said it was due to get the iPhone, after going for years without it. The company was a bit shy with product details though, but the iPhone is a dead cert. T-Mobile could follow Sprint, AT&T and Verizon and offer the cellular iPad as well.

The CEO’s comments at CES didn’t mention the iPad, though, just the iPhone and the falling off of subsidies.

The CEO revealed that this would all happen in around three or four months from now, rather than six to nine months as previously suggested. T-Mobile supports around 1.9 million iPhones now, and there is more than 100,000 new activations each month.

For the subsidies, the CEO said that getting rid of discounted devices will hopefully increase T-Mobile’s market share, as monthly bills will be lower. He was hoping, he said, that the number of subscribers will rise by 5% or more, as the company won’t force people into two-year contracts in exchange for subsidies, like other carriers do.

Of course it also means that if you’re after a T-Mobile iPhone 5 come this spring, you won’t be able to grab it for $199. Instead look at upwards of $650.

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