[OFFICIAL] T-Mobile iPhone 5 Won’t Have Attractive $200 Price Tag

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The Apple iPhone 5 will be making its way to T-Mobile before the summer has finished according to the CEO of the carrier. At the same time they are putting an end to subsidised handsets in the same time frame adds the CEO.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 by this summer but you better save money now

Back in December T-Mobile said that they were finally getting the Apple iPhone after being the only top carrier in the US to be without it. Now the carrier has been very shy when it comes to handing out details, however they did say that the Apple iPhone would be coming. The carrier may follow in the footsteps of Sprint, AT&T and Verizon and the may eventually offer the Apple iPad too.

While the CEO didn’t talk about the Apple iPad they did say that the Apple iPhone 5 would be with them in 3 to 4 months, instead of the 6 to 9 months that had previously been suggested. At the moment T-Mobile has around 1.9 million Apple iPhones on their network and they activate more than 100,000 new handsets each month.

When it comes to getting rid of subsidies T-Mobile believe that they will be able to increase their market share as the monthly bills will be lower. The CEO went on to say that he hoped they would get around 5% more subscribers as people would not have to have two year contracts.

If you want the T-Mobile iPhone 5 then you will have to pay out $650 up front (16GB model) as opposed to paying $199 with a contract over two years.

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