T-Mobile iPhone 5 & Its Hefty Price Tag

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T-Mobile will be selling the Apple iPhone 5 by June according to the CEO and at the same time they will no longer be offering subsidised plans.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release coincides with seizure of subsidies

In December T-Mobile said that they would begin to carry the Apple iPhone 5 after being the only carrier in the US not to offer the device. At this time they didn’t offer a lot of details about the product, other than it were definitely on its way. T–Mobile may then go on to do the same as other carriers in the US have done and offer the Apple iPad.

While the CEO hasn’t said anything about the Apple iPad, he did say that the carrier would offer the phone and that they were putting a stop to subsidies.

This could be happening in 3 to 4 months as opposed to the 6 to 9 months that was first thought confirmed the CEO. T-Mobile has 1.9 million iPhone users under its network right now despite not offering the device yet.

The CEO of T-Mobile said that they would not be offering devices with a discount and this would mean that the monthly bills of their customers would be lower. He also said that he expected a rise of around 5% in customers, as they would not be locked into contracts and this would attract new consumers.

However what this means is that if you want the T-Mobile iPhone 5 you do have to shell out $650 for the base model, which is unlike all other carriers who offer the device with a contract from $199.

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