What T-Mobile Has Planned For iPhone 5

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The folks over at TMoNews are pretty convinced about the veracity of this rumor, considering that reports are starting to flood in and back it up.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 plans

It seems like T-Mobile will have unlocked iPhone 5 models in store running on T-Mobile’s 3G network. TMN is waiting for details, but they know that store managers were activating a new microSIM in August, but they didn’t know what device they were for.

All the info points to a “bring your own iPhone 5” demo in-store, which matches what T-Mobile has been saying about its refarmed network. These in-store displays also line up with the company’s “selling against iPhone strategy”. T-Mobile hopes people will bring their own phones and walk away with its new unlimited data plan.

We don’t know when these displays will start appearing in stores, or where, but there’s a lot of iPhone excitement coming to T-Mobile  in September, so it should be imminent.

Would you pay full price for an unlocked iPhone 5 so you can use it on T-Mobile with their unlimited data plans given that the carrier is working on bringing 3G speeds for the iPhone?

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