T-Mobile iPhone 5: What You Need To Know

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T-Mobile is working frantically to get its LTE network going, so its HSPA+ is relegated to second priority. Sprint is hopeful it’ll extend its LTE coverage before the year is out, but is offering its unlimited data plans as a stopgap to attract punters. With the iPhone 5 release date now set for September 21, it is clearly too late for T-Mobile users to enjoy LTE speeds on the iPhone 5. So what’s next?

T-Mobile iPhone 5: LTE vs unlimited data plans

T-Mobile did promise that its 3G 1,900MHz network would be active before 2013, giving customers access to 3G speeds on a greater number of handsets – in particular the iPhone. T-Mobile iPhone users are stuck on EDGE speeds at the moment, but will be getting the 1,900MHz speeds later. This means that the iPhone 5 will be able to take full advantage of the recently introduced unlimited data plans with 3G shortly.

Given that T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans are cheaper than Sprint’s, an off-contract iPhone 5 will mean some long-term savings if you can afford to buy one unlocked.

T-Mobile is already busy working on setting up the necessary procedures to make it easy for iPhone 5 buyers to hop on to their network and use the device. There are already SIM kits available for those who own a GSM iPhone 4S and want to go with T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans.

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