T-Mobile iPhone 5: What’s The Plan?

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T-Mobile has never sold the iPhone officially but despite this they are making plans for a strategy for the iPhone 5 reports InformationWeek. T-Mobile has apparently told staff, according to memos that have leaked, that they must prepare for the release of the next generation iPhone.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 strategy: SIM card kits & 3G speeds

T-Mobile will be selling SIM card kits for the phones. The iPhone 4 along with the 4S both use the micro SD card which Apple developed. T-Mobile however has their own SIM cards that can be used with an unlocked iPhone on their network and they plan on grabbing in more customers with the kit.

T-Mobile is also working very hard at re-farming. One of the main reasons why they don’t have the iPhone is that they have the 1700 spectrum block and Apple iPhones will not work on this. However the company are going to be moving their 3G network to the 1900MHz spectrum from the 1700MHz spectrum and we already have seen tests being conducted. This is the exact same spectrum that AT&T have with their 3G network and also which the iPhone works on. Eventually T-Mobile will be able to offer 4G LTE on the 1700MHz spectrum when they get it in place and this should happen by 2013 but until then they can rest assure users that the iPhone 5 and previous models can at the least have 3G browsing speeds.

T-Mobile will be able to sell their SIM cards and advertise their fast 3G service while promoting the benefits of having an unlocked iPhone 5 on their network. It is thought that the Apple will reveal the iPhone 5 on 12th September with the phone going on sale perhaps as early as 21st September.

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