T-Mobile iPhone 5: Taking The Good With The Bad

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If you have been waiting for T-Mobile to release the Apple iPhone 5 then the news that it is making its way to the carrier will have you jumping up and down. However there is some bade news and this comes in the form of the carrier not offering the device with subsidies, so it isn’t on contract.

T-Mobile have never given in the Apples demands as Sprint, along with other carriers have.

One of the most popular handsets in the US has been the Apple iPhone 5 and you can get it with the majority of carriers, apart from T-Mobile at the moment. Some people have said that T-Mobile will never have the iPhone, even when bring out the next version. However T-Mobile will be having the handset, but it will not be available on contract. Sprint did give in on this and now they will not make a profit until 2015.

Meanwhile T-Mobile has had to rely on the LG Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 up to now. Some people have wanted to know why T-Mobile never gave in, after they have plans that are good and prices are good too. You do have to ask if the iPhone is needed on T-Mobile. As anyone who has the unlocked version can take it to T-Mobile and use it on a pre-paid plan.

T-Mobile will get the coveted device in just 3 to 4 months. At first the CEO said that they expected it within 6 to 9 month. Due to them not wanting to give in to Apple, they will be offering the handset without subsidies and this means that the iPhone will cost you around $650 instead of $200 you would have to pay with a two year contract.

The fact that T-Mobile are to offer the handset it great news, however the bad news is that you will have to pay full price.

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