T-Mobile iPhone 5: New Details Are Quite The Pickle

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Anyone who wants an Apple iPhone 5 with T-Mobile will be pleased to know that they will not have to wait much longer for it to come. But the bad news is that if you wanted to take out the device on a contract then you won’t be able to as T-Mobile are also stopping subsidised handsets.

T-Mobile has always said that they would not give in to demands of Apple. Sprint did give in as did other carriers in the US.

The Apple iPhone 5 has been a popular handset in the US and most of the carriers have it, except from T-Mobile. There are some that believe that T-Mobile will never get the phone, even when the next version comes out. T-Mobile is to offer the device but they will not offer it on contract as they are doing away with subsidies on handsets. Sprint gave in and now that have to wait before seeing profits and this will be in 2015.

T-Mobile has had to rely on the Samsung Galaxy S3 up to this point and there are some that have asked why T-Mobile never gave in. after all their plans are great and the cover is too. So is the iPhone really needed at T-Mobile? Anyone who has an unlocked iPhone is able to take it to T-Mobile on one of the pre-paid plans.

T-Mobile is to get the Apple iPhone 5 and they will be getting it in 3 to 4 months instead of 6 to 9 months that was first stated. As they didn’t give in to Apple they will offer it without subsidies and this means that you will have to pay around $650 for the device, without contract, when others offer it for around $200 with a contract of two years.

So while there is good news that the device is coming, the bad news is that you will have to pay more out for it.

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