T-Mobile: iPhone 5 Nano-Sim Cards Are Ready!

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The only major carrier in the US not to have the iPhone 5 for sale is T-Mobile. However this doesn’t stop them from having more than 1 million iPhones running on their network. When the iPhone 5 was released with the Nano SIM card T-Mobile were not ready for it, however ArsTechnica now reports that as of yesterday they began to receive the Nano SIM card that is compatible with the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile: iPhone 5 users can now get their nano-SIM cards

A user on YouTube posted a video of the T-Mobile nano SIM being installed into his iPhone 5, which he had bought on Verizon. Verizon are selling unlocked handsets. However it seems that not all T-Mobile stores have the Nano SIM in stock yet, and those that do are limited.

T-Mobile of course is trying their best to lure consumers to their network with lower monthly prices and the fact that they offer unlimited data. The downside to this is that T-Mobile is behind and in some parts of the US, speeds are only on 2G. However the iPhone 5 should work on their 3G network in some regions.

LTE will be deployed next year and T-Mobile has launched their HSPA+ 4G service on the 1900MHz bands in some parts, including Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington D.C. and NY. They will be expanding this even more before the end of the year.

T-Mobile has recently announced a merger proposal with MetroPCS, which would help them to expand their coverage of LTE and target customers who are not on contract. However there is a rumour going around that Sprint are to make a counter bid in an effort to block the deal T-Mobile is after.

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