T-Mobile iPhone 5 With LTE: What Are The Odds?

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T-Mobile has been working hard on kick-starting its LTE network and so is stalling plans to upgrade its infrastructure to support 48Mbps HSPA+. Sprint is also hurrying to offer more LTE service later this summer, putting T-Mobile in 4th place in the race to launch their network. Everyone wants to know how far along they are at the moment and when T-Mobile’s LTE will be up and at ‘em.

Will T-Mobile be ready with LTE for the iPhone 5 2012 release?

T-Mobile claims it’ll have more 3G 1900MHz coverage as opposed to the 1700MHz it has currently. This means that T-Mobile customers may be able to pick up more handsets, including even the iPhone 4S. T-Mobile iPhone users were languishing at EDGE speeds up until now. This is all at the testing phase, but T-Mobile does expect to launch 1900MHz before 2012 is over, which will make smartphones like the iPhone 4S capable of 3G on T-Mobile finally.

The first trial is running now and hopefully will mean T-Mobile can continue to attract iPhone users some way or another. Now moving on, the iPhone 5 is believed to be 4G LTE capable, and we all wonder if T-Mobile will make LTE in this tight deadline and finally be up to par with rival networks when it comes to offering the fastest data speeds.

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like it will happen and T-Mobile users may face a wait for the iPhone 6 in 2013 before the T-Mobile LTE network is past its infancy.

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