LTE Readily Available For T-Mobile iPhone 5 At Launch: What Are The Chances Like?

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T-Mobile are said to be working very hard on getting their LTE network in place and they have stalled plans to make upgrades to their HSPA+ infrastructure. Sprint are also rushing to be able to offer customers LTE towards the end of the summer. This would see T-Mobile in 4th place in the race to get LTE out there. So how close are T-Mobile and when will their LTE network be in place?

T-Mobile iPhone 5: Even if it comes it’s too soon for LTE

They claim that they will have 3G 1900MHz cover instead of 1700MHz that they currently have. The benefits to customers are that they should be able to get more handsets on T-Mobile’s 3G network. This includes the iPhone 4S. iPhone users on T-Mobile have to make do with EDGE right now. T-Mobile are expected to get their 1900MHz in place by the end of the year and this means that the iPhone 4S will be on 3G with T-Mobile. As for the iPhone 5? Read on.

At the moment the first trial is underway and this may mean that the carrier will be able to attract users of the current iPhone. With the iPhone 5, when it is released, rumored to have 4G LTE support, one has to wonder whether T-Mobile will get LTE fast enough and be able to match rival networks in offering data speeds that are fast.

The chances of this is highly unlikely especially as the iPhone 5 is rumored to launch next month. It could be that users on T-Mobile have to wait until the possible release of the iPhone 6 in 2013, in which case LTE on T-Mobile should have grown up by then.

So if you’re excited at the possibility of a T-Mobile iPhone 5, be weary that it may be on the only iPhone 5 that will continue to run on 3G.

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