T-Mobile iPhone 5 With LTE Capability: You Know You Want It But How Plausible Is It

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T-Mobile are working hard to get their LTE network up and running by putting back plans to upgrade HSPA+. Sprint is also in the race to offer wide LTE coverage by the end of this summer. If T-Mobile manages to get their network up it would put them in 4th position, but how close are they to making this possible and will they be ready for the launch of the iPhone 5?

T-Mobile iPhone 5: Will early adopters have LTE connectivity?

T-Mobile has said that they should have 3G 1900MHz cover by the end of this year. This means that consumers would be able to benefit by seeing more devices offered from the carrier capable of 3G speeds, the iPhone 4S being one of them. Those who have an iPhone with T-Mobile have to make do with EDGE for the moment. It is thought that the carrier will get the 1900MHz in place before the year’s end and if so consumers would be able to enjoy their iPhone 4S with 3G, hinting that the same would apply for the upcoming iPhone 5.

Trials are reported to be underway and this would mean that T-Mobile might be able to attract more consumers who want the iPhone with somewhat decent data speeds. Now back to the big questions – Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will have LTE support, so could T-Mobile get theirs in place fast enough? Chances are that as the iPhone 5 is said to be coming out next month, this won’t happen. It could be that users wanting a new iPhone with T-Mobile may have to wait until 2013 when Apple may be set to reveal an iPhone 6 before T-Mobile can boast the same LTE coverage Verizon is offering today.

T-Mobile may end up getting the iPhone 5 this year but customers will still need to make sacrifices.

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