T-Mobile iPhone 5: Some Good News & Bad

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If you are waiting for the release of the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile you might be happy to know that the device will be landing on the carrier very soon. However if you happen to want it with a contract of two years then you are out of luck as T-Mobile are not offering it with subsidies.

The carrier said that they would not give in to T-Mobile and their demands, as every other carrier, including Sprint, did.

The Apple iPhone 5 is very popular in the US and all carriers have it, except for T-Mobile at the moment. Some people have said that T-Mobile would never carry the iPhone, even the latest version. However T-Mobile will indeed be offering it, but the handset won’t be offered with a contract of two years. They are to get rid of their subsidies. Sprint was one of the carriers who gave in and now it will be 2015 before they will see any profits.

T-Mobile has the Samsung Galaxy S3 and this has been what they have been relying on. Some people were left wondering why T-Mobile has never given in to Apple, after all T-Mobile have great cover and their price plans are good. So does T-Mobile really need the Apple iPhone 5? After all, those with unlocked iPhones can take their device to the carrier with a price paid plan.

T-Mobile is to get the Apple iPhone 5 and it should arrive faster than first anticipated. The CEO said at first that it would arrive in 6 to 9 months; this has now changed to 3 to 4 months. T-Mobile is to offer it without subsidies and so you can’t get it on contract for $200 and you will have to pay around $650 for it.

Therefore the good news is that finally T-Mobile will be offering the device, but the bad news for customers is that it will cost more.

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