Apple Sabotages Current T-Mobile iPhone 5 Program?

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T-Mobile did not want to be left out as being the only major carrier in the US to not have the iPhone 5. They stepped up their game for those who were looking to bring their own phones to T-Mobile. This was a bold move on their part, and made their case appealing with unlimited services being better in value than the plans with the major carriers of the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 program undergoes significant changes

However PocketNow reports that Apple apparently were not happy with T-Mobile promoting the new iPhone 5 in this way and T-Mobile have now had to make significant changes.

T-Mobile is now advising their staff not to mention the name of the iPhone or use photos of the iPhone 5 in any of their campaigns. Of course nothing has been said outright that Apple has put the scuppers on their plans, but it sounds as though Apple have handed out cease and desist letters through their lawyers.

Now it looks as though the campaign from T-Mobile will not be focused on the iPhone 5 but on bringing generic handsets to T-Mobile. Apart from the name and photos, nothing else has changed and T-Mobile is keeping units in store to show consumers how the iPhone 5 works with T-Mobile.

Can you think of any other reason why T-Mobile would send out a memo saying that the Apple name and images can no longer be used to drive customers and sales their way? Surely it’s a case of Apple being sour once again.

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