T-Mobile iPhone 5 Demo Models Should Be In Stores This Month

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T-Mobile do not sell the iPhone but they are going all out to promoting the new device. From Wednesday they will have the iPhone 4S in their stores but only as demo models to show how the handset works on their network. As for the iPhone 5, we naturally expect it to join the 4S when Apple puts it on sale.

T-Mobile: iPhone 5 & 4S demo models should arrive in stores shortly

GigaOM reports that depending on the region in which you live the demo iPhone handsets will not be stuck with 2G data speeds as T-Mobile have revealed that they have activated their HSPA+ network to be friendly with iPhones in certain parts of New York, Seattle and Las Vegas. The carrier has also made a version of their Bobsled VoIP calling app for iOS. This is for the unofficial users of the iPhone that the carrier already has.

The CTO of T-Mobile said that now there was no barrier that prevented the iPhone 4S (and soon iPhone 5) from being used to its full potential with the carrier. T-Mobile will share the details of the overhaul of the network at their conference on 20th September.

If Apple releases the new iPhone 5 with support for HSPA+ then T-Mobile would be able to offer up to speeds of 42Mbps theoretically. Testing a iPhone 4S with T-Mobile has proved that they are able to achieve 70% faster speeds than their rival. Of course one of the advantages the carrier has is their liberal unlimited data plans.

T-Mobile are scheduled to get their LTE online during Q2 of 2013 but they will have a HSPA+ at 1900MHz by the end of this year. What this means is that if you jump on T-Mobile with an iPhone 5, you should get HSPA+ speeds and faster LTE will only be available next year. As for the added cost of buying an unlocked iPhone 5 in order to use it on T-Mobile, you would make back your money since buying on contract is more expensive in the long run (and T-Mobile has the cheapest unlimited data plan at the moment).

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