T-Mobile: We Want iPhone 5 (But Not Really)

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If you are with T-Mobile and you are hoping to get the iPhone 5 with them on contract, then you could have a long wait on your hands.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 possibilities look dim

T-Mobile have said that they would love to be able to offer the iPhone 5 to their customers; however they don’t want to play any part in the pricing war. They also don’t want to give in to the high demands of Apple, as Sprint recently had to with their contract with Apple.

One of the hottest devices at the moment in the US is the iPhone 5 and the device is available with all the major carriers on contract. This includes AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. When the iPhone 4S was released these carriers had it and T-Mobile did not. It could be that this will also happen again when the next gen iPhone 6 is revealed, unless Apple changes their minds about the subsidies for the handset. They didn’t do this with Sprint and so there is nothing to suggest that they would do it with T-Mobile. Sprint of course will not make any profit from the iPhone until 2015.

T-Mobile has lost customers due to them not having the iPhone 5 and they will surely see another loss when the results for Q4 2012 are revealed. At the moment T-Mobile rely on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Nexus 4, but with the coverage they have, along with pricing that is reasonable, this will leave people wondering why T-Mobile  have not given in to the demands of Apple as Sprint did.

Then there is the question of whether or not the iPhone 5 is needed at T-Mobile. You can take the unlocked version of the iPhone 5 to T-Mobile with their pre-paid plan.

Of course things could change when LTE is out on T-Mobile. At this point they could choose to give in to the demands of Apple and stock the iPhone. This would help them to gain more customers, which in turn would help them to get back money they have spent on setting up LTE.

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