HTC One X Successor Spotted In T-Mobile Dress! [PICS]

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There have been many rumors about the HTC One X successor, simply dubbed the One X+, and today another leak has come out which shows the device may be heading to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile HTC One X+ pictures surface

CNET has gotten their hands on pictures of what is supposedly the T-Mobile HTC One X+. The device is said to be a faster and hardier version of the original and details about the device which have surfaced seem to prove this to be true. The HTC One X+ will come with Jelly Bean Android 4.1 out of the box and the HTC Sense 4.5 UI over it.

It is thought that the HTC One X+ packs a Tegra 3+ AP37 quad core processor and it will have support for 4G LTE. If this is true it would make it one of the most powerful handsets to be released in the fall and matching the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The HTC One X+ may also be coming out on AT&T later in the year. Filings at the FCC have shown that the Ma Bell could get the Handset. The One X+ is of course the follow up to the One X which is available from AT&T for $99.99. Below is a picture of the supposed device with T-Mobile branding.

T-Mobile HTC One X+

T-Mobile HTC One X+

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