New Google Nexus 7 Variant Hits Play Store

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The Google Nexus 7 has been available on again, off again in the Google Play Store. However if you manage to get one in your hands, the 3G version that is, it will come with an AT&T SIM card.

T-Mobile Google Nexus 7 32GB hits Play Store

This is quite shocking when you consider that the Google Nexus 7 is supposedly not tied to any carrier. Also it comes with HSPA+ compatibility which means that if there was an AT&T SIM, there should also be an option for T-Mobile only to be fair. Well there is from today.

The Google Play Store now has another Nexus 7 variant for sale – a HSPA+ model with T-Mobile SIM card. It hardware is identical to the 32GB unlocked Google Nexus 7 except for the SIM card.

Those who plan to use their Nexus 7 on T-Mobile will appreciate this as they can jump on to the HSPA+ network the moment the tablet arrives at their doorstep. You would also be saving a couple of dollars as you won’t need to buy a SIM card from the pink carrier.

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