T-Mobile Father’s Day Sale 2012: What’s Hot?

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With Father’s Day very quickly approaching, some of the more generous of you, or those who fancy buying a present for yourself, may be interested in seeing a full and detailed listing of prices for the Father’s Day Sale which is being run by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Father’s Day Sale 2012

The good news is that every single device on T-Mobile will be included in the sale, and this means both Classic rate plans and Value rate plans. Handily, as shown in the screengrab from TmoNews below, T-Mobile have put all of these costs together into a table for you. The table shows the aforementioned Classic rate plans and Value rate plans, alongside a column showing the potential repayment that you will receive, and the zero net cost subsequent to the refund.

This makes it pretty easy to decide to go for a T-Mobile device – but which one? If you’re waiting for some smartphones which are yet to hit stores, such as the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3 then you already know what you are doing, but if you are unsure then consider the Galaxy S2 which has seen recent updates, or the HTC One S. Take a look at the table to see for yourself.

On a side note, T-Mobile recently tested its HSPA+ network bands for the iPhone. So if you’re thinking of dumping our iPhone for one of the many HSPA+ compatible Android phones, just hang back first.

T-Mobile Fathers Day Sale 2012

T-Mobile Fathers Day Sale 2012

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