Titanfall 3 Not Forgotten But Wait Far From Over

It seems like all we hear from EA now is Apex Legends and this has led some fans to start worrying that the automaker might have shoved Titanfall 3 aside.

Well, according to EA, that is far from the truth as the automaker highlights that they have not forgotten about the franchise at all even though they are not working on the third game right now. They added that Titanfall 3 is not yet dead.

For now, they are more focus on improving Apex Legends as their goal is to build it as a 10-year business. For now, they are happy with the roadmap that the game has and will continue to support the game in 2020.

Another game that EA might have also put aside, for now, is the Battlefield franchise as they continue to support both Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront II with no news on whether a new game is being worked on at this moment.