Titanfall 2 Will Let You Have One Extra Option

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The game Titanfall 2 will be getting its next update soon and fans are going to be very happy about some of the upgrades that the game will be getting.

One of the major upgrades that fans will see is an extra weapon slot as a Pilot which means players can now carry three weapons around instead of two. The third spot will be to carry an anti-Titan weapon while on foot.

Besides the extra weapon slot, the update will also come with a pair of maps. The first map is called the War Games which looks almost like the revival of the DLC map from Titanfall.

The other map is called Traffic and it will be for the Live Fire Mode. There is also the new Pilot Execution, Shadow Boxing that can be unlocked after players kill 20 pilots with a holopilot ability active.

These are just some of the changes that we will see when the update arrives.

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