Titanfall 2: Battlefield 1 Barely Slowed Things For Them

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After all the hype for the new Titanfall 2 game, the developers decided to release it on the exact same day that Battlefield 1 arrive. What happened was a very disappointing first few month as more people wanted to try out the equally hyped Battlefield 1 first.

It was clear from the beginning that the Battlefield 1 was the one that people were more interested in. With the game bringing us to World War 1, something we haven really seen yet, we could see why the players would find it more appealing

Some said it was because Battlefield had a bigger fan base but other think that it was the fans were not confident that the new Titanfall 2 game would not end up like the first game. The first game started out great but fans got tired of it pretty soon and they were dropping out of favor after arriving for a few months.

However, with all the upgrades and improvement the developers made for Titanfall 2, it wasn’t long before the fans started praising it and those that got bored with Battlefield 1 were all ready to try out the game.

Now, the fans are saying that they regret choosing Battlefield 1 over Titanfall 2 and said that they now spend more of their time with Titanfall 2 instead of Battlefield 1.

Of course, there are also some fans that feel like they can always go back to Battlefield 1 and have a great time while Titanfall 2 is something that you can just enjoy and then forget about it after a few months.

What do you think? Was Titanfall 2 the better game or is Battlefield 1 still the game for you?

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