This Tesla Model S, Model X App Does More Than Count Calories

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The vehicles from Tesla are among some of the most advanced on the roads and they collect a lot of useful data. The early vehicles from Tesla doesn’t offer an easy way for owners to get a look at a lot of the data and this led two owners to build the Teslab, which connects to the smartphone of owners of the Tesla Model S and the Model X.

The app helps owners alleviate range anxiety but offering a clearer picture of the factors that have an effect on the range. The creators hope that by collecting the vehicle data and handing it over, drivers of Tesla cars will be able to make connected vehicles much smarter.

Teslab will use the information to find out how such things as weather and road conditions are affecting the battery range of the vehicle and will eventually make the Telsa talk to the connected home.

The Tesla Model S and Model X app will really do more than just count calories and more data will be taken from the Tesla Model 3 that is coming our way later on this year.

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