This Renault ZOE Would Help Nissan Leaf Save Face

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When the ZOE e-Sport was announced it came with so much power than it showed the bigger Nissan Leaf in bad light. However the e-Sport isn’t a very realistic vehicle, but the ZOE RS would be more plausible and it wouldn’t humiliate the Leaf quite as bad as the e-Sport.

The ZOE e-Sport is a concept right now and it was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show with a wide body. However if the vehicle does make it to production it will likely lose some of the concept looks.

At the moment the Renault Zoe and the Nissan Leaf are two of the best-sellers in the electric vehicle market in Europe. However the ZOE e-Sport could change that as it does show off the Nissan Leaf in bad light.

The render you see is X-Tomis version and he made changes to the e-Sport and took away the silly side intakes while adding in fog lights that come from the Clio RS and took their inspiration from the chequered flag motif.

We think that the render of the Zoe RS does offer a more realistic concept that the ZOE e-Sport and it wouldn’t embarrass the Nissan Leaf quite as much, but what do you think?

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