This Porsche 911 Shames Halo Cars

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Porsche made just a handful of the Porsche 911 R and it is among the most desirable of vehicles thanks to it offering up a lot. But is the vehicle worth the asking price of $1 million that some people are want?

The Porsche 911 R was produced in just 911 units and as soon as they were available they were snapped up by fans. Dealers of course manage to get their hands on them from time to time and when they do they boost the price tag as much as they possibly can.

We recently heard about a Porsche 911 R being listed in CarSales in Australia and this came with a price tag of the equivalent of $925,000 USD. Would anyone pay such a high price to get their hands on the 911 R?

When the Porsche 911 R first arrived on the market it came with a price tag of $184,000, so this is a huge hike in price, but no doubt someone will be willing to pay way over the odds.