This Land Rover Defender Would Bury Jeep Wrangler In Snow

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The in-house custom tuning shops of carmakers come with some pretty cool names and Jaguar Land Rover has its Special Vehicle Operations. They were tasked with making a vehicle that would bury the Jeep Wrangler in snow, by way of the Land Rover Defender SVX.

This is the perfect vehicle for driving around in snow as it comes with tires that have been bolted onto the rims. This means that they can function even with low air pressure inside the tires.

Don’t get too excited about getting the Land Rover Defender SVX though as it seems that they are all either in garage of collectors, they are show cars or, and you will cringe when you hear this, they have crashed.

But what are your thoughts on this Land Rover Defender SVX that could essentially help the Jeep Wrangler if it were to get stuck in deep snow?

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