This Land Rover Defender Is Called ‘The Beast’ Cause It’s Scary As Hell

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While the Land Rover Defender may be better known as an agricultural truck, some people are handing out more than $200,000 for a custom version of the vehicle, which comes complete with more leather and engines that are over powered and now thanks to East Coast Defender there is Project Beast.

The Land Rover Defender is rare in the US, it was sold only briefly in the US, now trucks heading to the US have to be over 25 years of age and they are imported privately. The Defender has earned a name for itself as being an off-roader.

With only a few hundred units of the Land Rover Defender being sold in the US in the 90s, they are rare and as such command a high price tag. Typically they end up as show cars in the US and East Coast Defender has made the most of this. They have worked on Project Beast, a wide body, exo-skeletoned V8 offering up 430 horses.

The differential locks are gone and in comes a driveline that is able to support the high performance engine and the beefed up Land Rover Defender is able to go off the road without any issues. A two inch lift kit means there is room for larger tires and they can all be driven at the same time.

The engine in the Beast Land Rover Defender is the V8 6.2 litre which offers up 430 horses and it comes with six speed, which makes it faster. The acceleration is scary and the exhaust is loud. East Coast Defender specializes in importing and upgrading the Defender, starting out in 2013. Each of the vehicles is built to order and prices start around $170,000. A few years ago they came up with the Defender 110 and this had the price tag of $200,000.

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