This Is What Mercedes X-Class AMG Should Look Like

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We have seen what the Mercedes X-Class AMG should look like and while a pickup truck version of a Mercedes doesn’t go down well with some people, they may change their minds when the vehicle arrives.

At the moment there isn’t anything official about the Mercedes X-Class AMG and the photo is a rendering of what the vehicle may look like. At the moment its really nothing more than just a concept and so Mercedes could change some things about the vehicle. It is thought that it will be ready to go on sale in 2017.

The Mercedes X-Class AMG should come with the AMG biturbo V8 engine and this may be the 557 PS 5.5 litre GLE 63 or the 476 PS 4 litre C63. It goes without saying that when the vehicle does arrive on the market it is going to come with superb styling and looks and it will be a very fast hauler of cargo.

But which side are you on, do you like the idea of the pickup truck Mercedes X-Class AMG or are you against a truck from Mercedes?