This Ford Mustang Wishes It Had Challenger GT’s AWD

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If ever there was a need for the Ford Mustang to have the all-wheel drive of the Challenger GT that time was when a Mustang was crossing a train track in icy snow conditions and it got stuck half way across.

Thankfully some kind hearted drivers went to the help of the driver of the Ford Mustang, who was in a very precarious situation. Just moments after the men managed to push the Mustang off the train tracks, a MAX train came along.

One of the people at the scene in Portland Oregon said that they saw the red Ford Mustang stranded with wheels spinning on the train track on NE 99th and East Burnside, with a MAX train approaching.

The Ford Mustang isn’t the best vehicle for dealing with icy snowy roads conditions and this is one time when the driver would have been wishing that he had all-wheel drive. A news helicopter was flying overhead at the time and captured the whole incident on film. It took five people to rock the Mustang to get it off the track with only 15 seconds or so to spare before the train came past.

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