This 42-Litre Bentley Is Not A Typo

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Looking at the title of this story you may think that we have made a typo, but we haven’t. Anyone who went to the Cholmondeley Power and Speed event last week will attest to that as they saw numerous vintage racing vehicles, include the Packard-Bentley.

This is a one off and it was well worth a look as it is one of the most insane vehicles that has been created and it comes with many that many things that are ludicrous it is difficult to highlight one.

For starters the Packard-Bentley vehicle, with the name of Mavis, comes with a 42 litre engine. Yes that’s right, it’s not a typo and we didn’t mean 4.2 litre, we mean 42 litres. This is in the 1930 Bentley 8 litre chassis and it comes with the four speed Bentley C gearing and H pattern change.

The vehicle did of course need modifying so as to be able to take the new engine and this meant that the vehicle is 21 feet in length and it has a weight of 2.4 tons.

The twin-port engine design gives in 12 cylinders and it offers an amazing 24 exhaust pipes that spit out flames and smoke that is very impressive. The Packard engine is from a World War II marine patrol Torpedo boat and it is said to offer 1, 500bhp and 2,700Nm torque at 2,400rpm. It would blast away the new Bugatti hyper car.

The Packard-Bentley uses an astonishing four gallons of fuel per minute when the vehicle is accelerating fully and it comes with three fuel tanks, the 52 gallon main and two smaller ones.

The person behind such a strange vehicle is Chris Williams of the Vintage Sports Car Club in Oxfordshire and the parts had to be specially fabricated and come from years ago.

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