Thief: Life Of Crime Ends For Now

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There have been a lot of speculation that the developers of the Theif franchise might be looking to build a new game. After the success of the last game, it made sense that they would feel that way but it looks like their thieving days are over for now as the developer made it clear that no new game is being made right now.

Responding to all the rumors about them working on a new Thief game, Studio head David Anfossi tweeted stating that since there is not a title for the game, they only need to build a team and set a budget. Of course, he ends it with”Forget it” confirming that there is no new Theif 5 on the way.

This rumors started after the film production studio that is working on the movie adaptation of the game hinted that there is a fifth sequel on the way. Some fans caught them out immediately as the next game would only be the fourth sequel and not the fifth.

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