These Are The Cars Missing From The 2016 Detroit Auto Show

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We can’t help but to ponder upon the reason for the absence of the Ford Ranger, Bronco and Hyundai Santa Cruz during the recent North American show last month. Could it be a game of hide-and-seek that they are playing with?

They have been constantly teased and also being consistently rumoured hence, their popularity emerges. But why hasn’t any of them made any headlines thus far? Sure, we’ve seen the 2017 Honda Ridgeline (the looks-boring-but-actually-not truck), but we definitely want to see more.

If we were to based these three much-awaited vehicles in ascending order of being most popular, Ford Ranger tops the list. People were saddened by the fact that it had to leave us a few years back, so resurrecting it should be a very big deal, just that it hasn’t happened yet. And let’s not forget about the Bronco that’s also expected to be revived from a halt in production.

The least popular-but-still-gets-headlines vehicle is the Hyundai Santa Cruz, and we’ve said it again but we’re still going to say it now: it really doesn’t look likeable. Sorry Hyundai but that’s just us. Since we’ve only been seeing a concept of the truck so far, it’s hard to tell if the automaker would indeed come out with one in the near future.

Which of the three are you most looking forward to?

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