There is a Game That Might Change Xbox One For All Time

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We do admit that the title of this article could be a bit on the bold side but we think that there actually could be a game that would change the Xbox One as we know it. The game that we are talking about it may turn away from DRM and the always on option and this is Crackdown 3.

If there was such a game then why would those working with the Xbox One choose to totally disregard it? An easy explanation could be that people do get used to some things and they take them for granted. The person behind the Xbox One may well understand this.

Crackdown 3 could be a physical game and it might computer power along with memory on demand. This may mean that it may be destructible as people want the game to be.

The Cloud engine along with Microsoft Azure would also mean that the game would have 13 times physics power and it may allow the Xbox One to put in reverse data and if so this would be a complete makeover for the console.

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