The Witcher Game Owes It To The Books

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The guys over at got the opportunity to interview the writer of The Witcher novel. While it is common believe that the novels got popular outside of Poland because of the game, the author thinks that that is far from the truth.

According to Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the Witcher novels, the game did not make his novels popular outside of Poland as he thinks that it was his translated English version that shone the light on his books. His English version did come before the game.

However, many fans admitted that they only heard about the novels after playing the Witcher game. The author also added that he thinks games are not a good medium for storytelling but he still gave CDPR the green light when they approach him about making games based on his books. You can read the full interview here and see what the author has to say about the books and the game.

Fans are hoping that CDPR would come out with a 4th installment for the game and while CDPR has admitted that they are not ready to part with it yet, they still have not made any real confirmation.

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