The Witcher Enchance Edition Free With A Twist

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In case you want to experience the enhanced edition of The Witcher, you can do so for free now on GOG but it will not be offered the normal way.

To get the free version from GOG, you will need to go to the article in Ars Technica and click the claim button. You won’t be asked to fill in any new details but it is just an extra step you need to take before getting the same. This is unlike most of the free games that are offered on GOG.

After The Witcher 3, a lot of people wanted to experience the first game and while it is nothing like the new game, it is still worth the try. The older-style RPG might need some getting use to but once you are used to it, the game is actually pretty fun to play.

Some of the update that the developers made on the enhanced version include the new patch which will fix some of the bugs as well as give the game a new interface. They also speed up the movement so that players can cover long distance faster.

Here is the link to the Ars Technica article.

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